Governor of Niger State Abubakar Sani Bello spotted having lunch at mamaput joint in Minna

Life is simple and sometimes funny. Social status might define the rich and the poor but at the end of the day, humans often long for the same things. A photo of Niger State governor, Abubakar Sani Bello enjoying lunch at a mamaput joint in Minna has gone viral for obvious reasons.

Born into the family of Nigerian billionaire and former military Governor of old Kano state Col Sani Bello (RTD), Abubakar Sani, who is the current governor of Niger state has aides and chefs at his beck and call but hunger and cravings will make a man do anything.

On the fateful day, no one could convince Governor Sani otherwise, he was going straight to a mamaput joint with his well-tailored agbada, sitting with average Nigerians while enjoying a simple meal of swallow and native soup and all that he did, respecting the wishes of his stomach and ignoring his apparently sophisticated palate.

It confirms the unbeatable reputation of mamaput joints in Nigeria. Home food is great and being served by some of the world's greatest chef is good but none can match the skilled cooking of the local food seller, whose call to duty is driven by survival and maintained by passion.

So, we judge not, because every class of Nigerian has fallen prey of the famous of cooking of the closest Mama Nkechi or Iya Segun.

Meanwhile, just recently, Governor Abubakar Sani-Bello granted unconditional pardon to 287 prisoners. Four among the prison inmates were on death row and two others convicted and kept in prison custody.

Sani-Bello said the gesture was in spirit of the season of independence and by the virtue of the powers vested in him by section 212 of the 1999 constitution(as amended).

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